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About Al Bushra Welfare and Educational Trust

An Introduction

Al Bushra Welfare & Educational Trust is a non profitable, multilingual Islamic publishing House. Our publications include the Holy Quran and its translations, books related to Dars-e-Nizami, and myriad Islamic works. Our publications are not merely confined to English and Urdu, in fact we have published books written in Arabic, Spanish, German, French etc. All these works highlight different aspects of sacred learning and have been penned by genuine and enlightened Muslim scholars.

Our Goal

We live in an age of ignorance where the majority of people are increasingly confused by the distorted misrepresentation of Islamic knowledge. Thus it is incumbent upon us, as Muslims to dispel the fog of ignorance and help spread the light of true Islamic learning. This can only be done by making the great Islamic texts available and accessible to all. It is our aim to spread the pure radiance of our glorious heritage of boundless knowledge throughout the world.


Al Bushra began in 2001 as a very small organization. Today, by the Grace of Allah, it has expanded considerably and offers a vast range of services. Alhamdulillah, we have established a special department for the purpose of conducting research on developing new material according to the ever changing needs of the Muslim Ummah. Our team comprises scholars, authors, illustrators and reviewers who are responsible for revising and editing new books.

Our Mission

It is our endeavor to maintain a standard of excellence in our publishing efforts and our mission to convey Islam to the entire world.

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